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In this post, we will share about the benefits of facial steamer.

Who would have thought doing a steam facial or steaming the face with warm water was good for the skin. Some skin problems such as large pores, acne, or dull skin can be overcome in this way.

Steam the face or menguvapi face with warm water is a method of skin care to help open the pores and remove dirt from the skin. Usually you will find this method when doing facial. However, is it safe and good for the skin? For more details, check out the following reviews.

Feasible By Terms

In addition to facials, actually steam face you can do yourself at home. No need to worry because this type of treatment is safe to use by anyone.

Even so it does not mean you can do it every day. The intensity of doing face steaming depends on your skin type.

Facial steaming should be done two to three times a week if your skin type is very oily. As for normal or dry skin better just do it once a week.

For those of you who have sensitive skin and are having severe acne, it’s better not to do facial steaming. Because, if not treated properly it can result in skin irritation.

Eliminating Blackheads and Acne

The face steaming method is also effective for removing blackheads and acne on the face. Because the moisture will make the pores become open so that blackheads can be removed more easily and steam heat can also kill germs and bacteria that cause acne.

In addition, facial evaporation can also soften the top layer of skin so it can remove all impurities and help the skin to breathe.

Brighten Faces

When the facial steaming process is usually the skin becomes very sweaty. The sweat that comes out will bring all the toxins and dead skin cells on the face surface. By regularly doing the facial you will get skin glowing and fresh throughout the day.

Not only that, doing regular steam face was also able to improve blood circulation. If the blood circulation smoothly, it will be more nutrients and oxygen that flows into the face. With so slowly your face will look healthy and bright naturally.

In order for your efforts in getting bright skin naturally can run more optimally, include Avoskin Deluxe Series as your facial treatment options. Formulated from ingredients suitable for all skin types, Avoskin will be the perfect facial treatment for your face.

Faded Black Smudges

Steam also helps to dull all the stains on your skin. This is because a smooth blood circulation will bring nutrients to your skin. In addition it will also stimulate the growth of new cells and eliminate the skin cells that are old. All of these processes can help remove freckles on the face.

Make Younger

After the age of 20 years, the skin renewal process will slow down. The dead skin cells can not be lost easily so new skin cells take a long time to replace them. That is why the outer skin layer can turn wrinkled and dull.

Conducting the process of evaporation of the face will remove the layer of dead skin cells that are on the surface of the skin. That way the evaporation process can help you get a youthful skin.


After the move may make your skin tired. Well, doing facial steaming for 4-5 minutes it will also make you relaxed and relaxed so that the muscles on the face can be slightly stretchable.

After doing steam face, brush also ice cubes around the face for 30 minutes. This easy way it can suppress the growth of acne on facial skin.

The Right Way to Make a Face Steam

Before doing facial steam, make sure your face is clean of all kinds of makeup and excess oil. Boiled water you can add with lemon slices or essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, or rosemary. Or you can also use a tool specifically designed for facial sauna treatment.

After all materials are ready, bring your face to the hot water. Do not forget to put a towel on the back of the head so that moisture does not come out. Also make sure your eyes and mouth are closed. This prevents the occurrence of irritation due to exposure to essential oils or lemons.

Rest for 15 to 20 minutes until the vapor disappears. But remember, do not do steaming for more than 20 minutes, yes! Especially if your skin is sensitive, should do steaming for 10-15 minutes. When done, immediately clean your face with warm water and dry with a clean towel.


Facial Steaming, Here’s How to Do It at Home

Nida buddy, want to breathe facial skin and all the dirt and blackheads that stick on the face out? Wuih, try steaming facial Sob! In syaa Allah can eliminate the dullness of our face.

No need to go to the salon, we can do it ourselves in the house. Simply done once a week, but be careful for people with asthma and skin owners who are very sensitive or chronic acne, should not do their own steaming without expert supervision.

Here’s how to do your own face steaming at home:

1. Clean face first, but do not wear scrubs. Wash with warm water first.

2. Boil water until boiling, put into a large bowl or basin

3.Add add spices or essential oils

4. Wait for water until it is not too hot so as not to make skin irritation

5.Do not until the hair cover face, can pigtail or hairpin first and cover with a towel

6. Facing face to bowl / basin approximately 20 cm above it, let the water vapor is right leads to facial skin pores for 10 to 20 minutes

7.When it feels uncomfortable with its hot steam, it can keep the face for a while

8. When finished, pat the face with a clean towel gently

9.Bisa continue with the use of facial mask, clean with lukewarm water lukewarm, then use facial moisturizer

Feel the change in your face if done regularly Sob. Hopefully useful yaah infonya.



Our skin is a part of the body that interacts directly with heat, weather, and the environment. Various factors such as heat and pollution can make our skin oily and tired, right?

So do you overcome this by going to the salon and spending a lot of time in it? Though there is a simpler way to overcome them. This time we will discuss a few ways to treat this skin problem with DIY – sauna Facial.

These face steaming are very natural, homemade facial steamer, which is very easy to do in your home comfortably. However, there are things you should remember that do not do it excessively because it can damage your skin. You can pamper your skin once a week with this treatment. If you have severe acne and acne, you can do it twice a week.

There are some materials that you need, among them are: DIY - Steam Facial For Acne & Oily Skin

  • Turmeric powder
  • Cut of cinnamon
  • Green tea
  • Water

DIY – Face Steaming For Acne & Oily Skin

Do a steam facial by following the steps below:

Step 1:


DIY - Steam Facial For Acne & Oily Skin2

Start by cleaning your skin thoroughly with your favorite cleanser to remove any residual make-up or dirt. After a thorough cleaning, pat your skin gently until dry. Then, take at least ½ to 1 liter of water and boil water until hot.

Step 2: DIY - Steam Facial For Acne & Oily Skin

Then add about a teaspoon of turmeric powder, 3 to 4 cinnamon powder and one tablespoon of green tea into boiling water. Now, turn off the fire.

  • Green tea has several benefits for the skin. Especially to help make skin soft, clean, and radiant. Green tea is also able to reduce sun damage and inflammation. Because it contains high polyphenols, green tea is able to slow the signs of aging, helping to keep your skin healthy.
  • Turmeric powder contains most of the natural sulfur that acts as an antibiotic against skin infections. Therefore, turmeric is very powerful to cure acne.
  • Cinnamon is a nice natural skin exfoliantor. Cinnamon works as an antiseptic, astringent, anti fungal, and anti virus. This material is able to cleanse the skin in depth by sloughing off dead skin cells. The material also stimulates your skin pores so that the ingredients in the mixture come in and work effectively into the deeper skin.

Step 3:

DIY - Steam Facial For Acne & Oily Skin
After turning off the fire, take a clean spoon and mix all the ingredients so we can smell the typical aroma of this spice. Hot water will turn yellow light because turmeric powder.

Step 4:

Now grab a thick towel and place it over your head, to block the steam from spreading and go quickly. Please check the water temperature. Remember that water does not have to be very hot because it will burn and damage your skin. When the temperature is appropriate, start vaporizing your skin or start a facial sauna.

If you have sensitive skin, the recommended time to do a facial sauna is about 8 to 10 minutes. But, if you have a combination with oily skin, you can do it in about 20 minutes. Close your eyes, relax and steam your facial will provide maximum benefits.

If you feel the heat of the water is not comfortable, you can easily rest for a while during the evaporation process. Once you’re done, pat the skin gently until dry. Continue with by applying your favorite toner and moisturizer to complete this facial steaming process.

Sounds interesting is not it? You should try it because this treatment will heal your skin without causing irritation.

May be useful!

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